L.H.O. library

Laboratory of Humanity's Octagon

Welcome to the L.H.O.H.Q Library, an enormous collection of all that mankind swore to forget, but which we have trapped in complete clarity to remember always. Step carefully we present to you the lowest and the highest that we have traveled and the worst and the best of what we have become. And remember the words of our John Bunyan:

"I penned it down, until at last it came to be, for length and breadth, the bigness which you see."

What's New

Bombs, Destruction & Vandalism

Underground Hacking and Phreaking

Legal System

Religion, Occultism, Theology & Philosophy

Nazism, Nationalism, Racism, Revisionism, Fascisism & Ariosophy

Conspiracy Theories

Theft, Fraud, Scams, Carding and tricking the System


Privacy, Cryptography and Ciphering

Visual Data Crime

Computer viruses

Anarchy & Privacy control

War, Weaponry, Terrorism & Pyrotechnics

Science & Technology





Government Information

Aliens & UFOs



Thought & Writing

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